ChemCom puts its expertise at the service of your project

Relying on its experienced scientific team, its unique scientific excellence, and its patented technology, ChemCom provides a wide range of services in the field of sensory communication mediated by olfactory and taste receptors.

Blocker /

01a Counteracting malodors that emanate from a wide variety of sources is recognized by the market as a key driver for the future of F&F industries
• Identify agonist for key ORs involved in malodor perception
• Validate these antagonists as odor blockers with a human panel
• Deliver a blocking agent to be incorporated into the client’s final product

Enhancer / Positive Allosteric Modulator

02a Intensifying the perception of compounds or blends that allow the use of less materials to achieve the same level of peception.
• Identify Enhancers / Positive Allosteric Modulators (PAMs) for targeting ORs
• Validate these enhancers / PAMs as boosters of the target odor perception with a human panel
• Deliver a stimulating agent to be incorporated into the client’s final product.

New odorant compound

03a Discovering New Chemical Entities (NCEs) to provide the market with new patentable odorant compounds that have improved properties
• Identify ORs that respond to the odorant compound of interest
• Screen libraries to find alternative activators of the identified ORs
• Use our large databases that link together compounds / hORs / organoleptic properties / physical and chemical parameters
• Deliver compounds that can replace the initial molecule of interest

Formulation / Blend optimization

04a Our technology allows to mimic a particular odorprint or to change one constituent of a formulation (cost restriction, safety issues, IP, etc.)
• Profiling of molecules or blends on the whole OR library
• Screening for similarities of hORs activation patterns and formulations
• Elimination of redundant material
• Deliver a simplified blend that has the same organoleptic properties as the original one

Animal Platform implementation

05a Products optimization – Repellent or attractant identification
• Implement a running animal OR screening platform (short timeframe) using our genetic expertise and network
• Identify ORs for compounds or blends of interest
• Identify either antagonists, enhancers or alternative agonists
• Deliver odor blockers, odor enhancers, new odorants, or blends for the selected animal


ChemCom has identified multiple hORs activating by the most important Key Malodorant Compounds (KMMs)…

Research activities

Our main research activities are focussing on the deorphanization of hORs and the identification of agonists, antagonists or enhancers for these hORs…