Company Team

Experience, synergy and effectiveness

ChemCom employs skilled scientists from diverse horizons, cultures and educational backgrounds.

In addition ChemCom has complemented its internal workforce with selected and skilled external platforms (human sensory assessment and chemistry).

ChemCom Values

  • Scientific excellence
  • Commitment
  • Synergy
  • Passion
  • Accountability

Executive Team

ChemCom benefits from an experienced and synergistic management team to support and complete the whole organisation

Jean-François Pollet, PhD



Alex Veithen, PhD

Project Leader

Cédric Moreau

Project Leader - It Manager

Sandra Huysseune, PhD

Project Leader


Pr. Gilbert Vassart

Scientific Adviser

Pr. Marc Parmentier

Non-Executive Director and Scientific Adviser

Pr. Jacques Dumont

Non-Executive Director and Scientific Adviser

Gaëtan Waucquez

Non-Executive Director

Nathalie Delwart

Non-executive Director

Jean-Marie Delwart

Chairman of the Board