ECRO XXIV Dijon: “OR1D2 is a broadly tuned human olfactory receptor”

September 19, 2014Posters


OR1D2 is one of the first deorphanized human olfactory receptors (ORs). It was initially found to respond to bourgeonal and to a limited series of analogs including canthoxal, lilial and florazone (Spehr et al., Science 2003, 299, 2056-58). In addition to its putative role in olfactory perception, this receptor was also shown to mediate sperm chemotaxy. Here, we present the results of different screening campaigns and structure activity relationship studies that were performed on this receptor. We observed that the range of agonists of OR1D2 is larger than initially expected. The receptor responds to a large diversity of chemical structures. Download Pdf