ECRO XXIV Dijon: “Identification of a subset of human olfactory receptors that respond to sweat carboxylic acids”

September 1, 2014Posters


Small carboxylic acids constitute a class of odorant molecules generally perceived as unpleasant. Several of these acids are present in human secretions and are in part responsible for body malodors. For example, different carboxylic acids are found to be major components of the human sweat and represent important targets for anti-axillary malodor programs. Despite the fact that a few studies have reported the identification of human olfactory receptors (ORs) for small carboxylic acids, the mechanism of their perception remains to be understood. Here, we describe the identification and functional characterization of 10 human ORs that are activated by small carboxylic acids that are present in the human sweat. Download Pdf