ECRO XXV Istanbul: “Functional characterization of human olfactory receptors responding to pyrazine odorants”

September 1, 2015Posters


ChemCom progresses towards its objective of deorphanizing the whole repertoire of human olfactory  receptors (hORs). Relying on (i) its proprietary technology, technology,(ii)libraries of thousands of odorant compounds  and (iii) an efficient screening system, ChemCom is currently identifyingand characterizingcharacterizing characterizing new modulating molecules (enhancers or blockers)  and novel odorant compounds for the whole whole rangeof hORs . At ChemCom, more more than 120 hORs have been robustly deorphanized. Here, we present a comparative structure -activity relationship (SAR) data for two unrelated hORs,OR 5K1and OR 2AG 1, highly expressed in the whole olfactory mucosa. 1.Their most potent agonists were found among pyrazines, with an EC 50 below the micromolar range. Pyrazines have a main olfactory note generally qualified as “nutty”  or “green”, and are key compounds of french fries 2,roasted beef 3,cigar smoker’s breath 4,coffee 5,sunless tanning agents 6odors. The understanding of the molecular mechanisms that supportsupport the perception of pyrazine derivatives would certainly help ChemCom to find relevant pharmacomodulators for reducing these malodors . Download Pdf